Adventures in Unemployment

Rumors, Predictions and the Inevitable

Rumors had been swirling around the office for a few weeks, another restructuring was coming. After several staff meetings had been postponed a heavy sense of uncertainty weighed over several employees including myself. Communications and marketing services are usually among the first to go when something like this happens. They are easy to outsource and are often viewed as non-essential. I usually have a pretty good gut when it comes to these things. When I sense something is going downhill I’m proactive about abandoning ship and coming out ahead. I had witnessed a few restructurings during my nearly two years with the organization. It never got easier seeing friends and all around super talented individuals being forced to leave, but my department had never been affected so I continued to stay. Once the staff meeting was finally rescheduled it created an ominous  cloud over the days ahead, but  I welcomed whatever rain came from it hoping it would wash away my paranoia.

Abandon Ship by artist KingofNod. Purchase here.

Two days before our staff meeting I scheduled a call with a psychic. I’m not the kind of person who believes in all spiritual beings, but I do believe some people are more in touch with their intuition and more consciously elevated than others. I see speaking with a psychic like therapy with a supernatural twist, if anything I’ll gain a fresh perspective and maybe some good guidance. Plus, one of my guilty pleasures is the show Tyler Henry Hollywood Medium on E! so I had been looking for an opportunity to participate in something spiritual and mysterious ever since season 2 started. Now seemed like a good time to pursue this. I had a lot on my mind. I was uncertain and uneasy about the future of my career and my husband and I were about to meet with a realtor and broker to start looking for a house to buy, but was this the right time? Real adulting issues.


I would have preferred to do this type of consultation in person but this psychic was based in the Bay Area and came highly recommended from a couple of co-workers. So I decided to follow their referrals and scheduled a 30 minute tarot card reading over the phone with the intuitive spirit guide who I will call G. (If you want to get in touch to schedule your own reading with G message or email me and I will send you her contact info.)

Monday afternoon I was greeted by G’s delightful voice on the other end of the phone and was promptly told not to tell her anything. She worked best receiving as little information as possible in advance. After explaining how the next 30 minutes would go, G asked me to focus on the subject I would like to talk about first. For me, that would be the most imminent, “career,” “career,” “career,” I repeated over in my head. I could hear her shuffling her deck of cards on the other end of the phone line. The first card she flipped represented “rock bottom” (Crap!)  She quickly flipped over subsequent cards and  put a somewhat of a positive spin on things. She interpreted this as I had outgrown a current position or situation I was in. I had been trying to recreate a past success and wasn’t going to be able to continue this where I was. However, rock bottom wasn’t entirely negative she assured me. It also signified an opportunity to move up. I filled her in on what was ahead at work and how I felt my position could be in danger. G could see that a change in my position was coming but couldn’t tell in which direction. This change would involve a sum of money (which could either be a severance or a raise) and would open me up to do something more creative that I have always wanted to do (I started at rock bottom, now I have a blog!) I took a moment to take this in and decided from that point forward I would be open to whatever happens with my job and welcome the new opportunity.

Credit: Wikipedia Rock Bottom: In Your House

On to the next topic, buying a house. This entirely depended on my job so I was interested to see what related information G could pick up. The first card she turned over signified moving on, but G said she was receiving  images of packing up a car and literally moving somewhere (okay now I’m hooked). Without any information from me she said  her “crew” of spirit guides kept pulling her back to the first focus topic as if the two were related. After I shared some more of the details she pulled some supplemental cards and saw that my husband and I would still buy a house, however, the timing depending on the outcome of my job. She also urged me to really check in with myself throughout the house hunting process and listen to my gut. If something was making me feel uneasy that was likely because I was experiencing something new not something bad. I needed to trust myself, but also really evaluate what a house represented to me. What goal did I hope to accomplish with it. Was this just the next step up some social ladder or did I want to own a home for something more worthy like comfort, connectedness, and stability.

Credit: Everyday Grace

At the end of the session she did a general check in on anything else she felt her crew needed me to know. Their message to me was to just go for it. Go after what I want to do, pursue a new creative endeavor, be open to a new possibility. However, I had to make the moves. They weren’t going to do it for me, but they were going to support me. Sure this could be a nice fluffy way G wraps up all of her convos, but it was what I needed to hear in that moment. It gave me confidence and reminded me that I am in charge of my own success.

Two days later when my wonderful boss stumbled bewildered into my office to tell me I was one of the ones being let go I smiled through my shock and remembered my conversation with G. Then, I immediately emailed our realtor and broker to postpone our meetings.

What I got the most out of this psychic session is that I need listen more to my gut and start taking more risks. New experiences should be welcomed not avoided out of discomfort. Like G, I also have a whole crew watching and they won’t let me fall.




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